Wednesday, December 27, 2006

ISIDTA (Almost)

christmas layout
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Well, Kit was late last week, so maybe it's not a complete tragedy that I'm late this week. Maybe it's my gift to Kit, to show him it was okay to be a little tardy. Yeah, that's it, it's a GIFT! Hmm...or maybe I'll just take this post down later before he can see it, and swear you all to secrecy.

So I should've had plenty of time to do this week's strip, what with Tuesday being a vacation day and all, but I blame the overindulgence in turkey, the trip to Cary to buy a cake (and the subsequent getting-lost-and-ending-up-in-Wake-Forest), the one-night-only appearance of Ethan Kaye, and a reuniting with an old internet friend. OF course, the REAL reason this week's drawing didn't get done on time is because I'm a bad planner and a great procrastinator.

So what we have here is the panel layout and photo references I'll be using for this week's strip. I've also written the script and lettered the captions, measured and pencilled the borders on the Bristol board, and hand-lettered the title. At lunch today, I plan on sketching out the figures, and after work, I'll blueline the whole thing and ink it, and have it up tonight. C'mon back.

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