Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Animals Feel The Danger

Razor Ramon HG is one of the more hilarious and entertaining Japanese stars currently going through his fifteen minutes of fame. In a country of over-the-top media stars, Razor Ramon HG is the over-the-toppest. He's a standup comedian, that plays the part of a pro wrestler, that also does tv magazine segements wandering around Japanese cities acting like a lunatic. His trademark cry is "Hooooo!!!" which he screams aloud as he gyrates his leather-clad crotch at people. Oh, and the HG stands for "Hard Gay".

I just discovered a video I hadn't seen before, "Father's Day", which cracked me up. There's a lot more of his stuff on YouTube. If you haven't seen HG's "Trip to the Yahoo Offices", you must stop by and check it out. He shows up announced at the Yahoo Japan headquarters, claiming they stole his "Hooooo!!" catchphrase. It's always hilarious to see conservative people embarrassed by the very colourful Razor Ramon HG.

Only in Japan.

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Jeffrey said...

They make a Hard Gay themed barrel of monkeys game. Seriously.