Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Gold Plumbing

Here's an amusing PSA that depicts visual representations of various slang terms. Can people help me identify them all? I think I must be missing about half of them. (I don't want to mention the ones I know here; that'd ruin the surprise of what the PSA is about.) Watch it through one time and laugh, then go back and see how many terms you can recognize.


the dynamo said...

I think some of them are actually pretty straightforward, like the midget, the sheep and the furries, but my favorites are the golden shower, rusty trombone, teabagging, pearl necklace, bald "cat", the very subtle cockring and of course, dirty sanchez.

Ted said...

Okay, here's what I got so far. Somebody fill in what I'm missing:

1) "Golden shower"

2) "Pitcher" and "Catcher" (or Pitching and Catching)

3) there's the "furries" thing, but is it more than that? A lot of these seem to be figures representing a slang term, not demonstrating actual fetishes themselves. Am I missing something? (Well, one is a "Bear"...then what's the deal with the cat/tiger guy?)

4) "rusty trombone"

5) dwarf in red heels vacuuming the carpet. No idea.

6) sheep in garter and stockings. Other than the classic joke about men fucking sheep, I dunno.

7) A Japanese woman making sausage? Maybe a "sausage stuffer"? Not sure about the asian angle.

8) "pearl necklace"

9) "cock ring"

10) "dirty Sanchez"...priceless.

11) Two female golfers talking? Other than the reputation for the LPGA being mostly lesbian, I dunno.

12) "hairless pussy"

13) Woman whipping a man crawling around wearing nappies. Here's another one where it looks like they just threw in a fetishistic act, so maybe I'm missing something.

14) Dark-haired woman in negligee pouring tea, along with a person in a latex suit. No idea.

15) "tea-bagging"

And that's it. I really wish those curtains that close at the end had been made of steaks and chops.