Friday, February 02, 2007

A Gift From Patton!

a gift from Patton!
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Sometimes good things do happen. (Not often, but sometimes.)

Remember the present I made for my buddy Jackson ("A Kinda Patton Christmas"?) If not, check it out here. Well, Patton loved it, said it made his year, and guess what? He sent me a present for my very own! I was quite surprised to get a package in the mail containing Patton's actual cast jacket from the upcoming Brad Bird movie Ratatouille AND a Patton-made dvd of the entire Comedians of Comedy series. SWEET! Thanks, Mr. Scoops!

It was very kind of him to do this for me, and I really appreciate it. The truly great thing is that I really like the jacket, and it fits me quite well. It's the kind of thing I would buy myself, except a) it was free, b) it's a real cast jacket from a real movie, c) it was a gift from somebody I find to be really entertaining, and d) it reminds me of good times with good friends.

Check out me, the coat, and the bootleg dvd here.

PS: Here's a trailer for the movie. I'm sure me and Jackson will be first in line. I'll wear my coat.

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