Monday, February 26, 2007

Art Tips Roundup!

The picture is from Roy Lichtenstein's "Meat". Anyway, here's a list of a bunch of great sites I've found recently for art tips, tutorials, and inspiration.

Ten Things Every Beginning Artist Should Know from Empty Easel

101 Projects For Artists And Illustrators from Dani Draws (GREAT jumping-off points and idea motivators!)

What Tools People Use
from Comic Tools (ongoing blog)
Where They Use 'Em from On My Desk (ongoing blog)

The International Animated Film Society
(just an incredible warehouse of information, including scanned instruction books from the glory age of animation)

How A Mad Artist Inks from Tom Richmond (EXCELLENT two-part inking tutorial. Opened my eyes.)

How Copper Is Made from Kazu Kibuishi. (I've blogged about this before in the tutorials tag, but it's so damn good, let's put it here too.)

Word Balloon Tips from Balloon Tales (they have lots of other good tips and tutorials as well.)

Misc Tutorial Sites:
Computer Arts UK (they have a good magazine too)
Graphics.Com (random, broad, nicely done)
GFXArtist (illustrator-y, painter-y, good basics)
Illustration Class (great tutes, great format)
The Photoshop Experiment (lots of good Photoshop tips as they pertain to drawing)
Itchy Animation (I want to try his Inking In Illustrator method)

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