Tuesday, February 06, 2007

DSIF7 Preview

Not a lot of posts lately. I've been crazy busy (or crazy withdrawn, depending on the day). The latest bit of busy-ness has been preparing for the Dirty South Improv Festival, taking place this week in Carrboro. It's a pretty big deal, so they tell me. I'll be doing a special CageMatch this Friday at 11:00 pm at the DSI Comedy Theater. I'm also producing PT Scarborough Is A Movie the next night at 9:30. There should be video goodness aplenty for both shows, with any luck (if it doesn't kill me). Here we have the preview trailer for CageMatch. I'm trying to make it a blockbuster of a show. We'll see if anybody shows up.

For the kiddies (well, anybody really, but it is family-friendly) I'll be part of ComedySportz on Friday and Saturday at the ArtsCenter at 7:00 both nights.

The videos have been a real bear lately. I've been trying to do them in Final Cut on my new Mac Pro, but I'm not used to the program yet. I actually lost all my work twice while making this CageMatch trailer; I finally gave up, so this version is a little squooshed and distorted. I think it's a memory problem (I need more memory for the Pro, but it's like $1000 per stick). It's sort of disconcerting that all my work gets lost when the memory craps out, though. Tonight I have to reedit, or re-create to be truthful, a video I made to introduce the Festival. My first attempt really didn't have the feel that the theater wanted, so I have to start almost from scratch with a new music bed and a rerecorded v/o. Argh. Then there's six more CageMatch videos to make, and a little pretape for PTSIAM. Sleep? Hah!

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