Monday, August 14, 2006

Open Letter To Siegel-Prov

I realize I've already posted about this basic subject once already, but I just sent an email to Dan and Dave explaining why I loved their post-game interview so much, and why it worked so well with what I'm trying to do with CageMatch. On the DSI CageMatch forum, I generally try to keep kayfabe, but I decided I'd like to include a copy of the email here, to share my background thoughts about what I like about the show, as well as a general shoutout to the Siegels.

I'm guessing you guys have already seen the post-game interview up on YouTube. It turned out better than I could've hoped. You guys just nailed the perfect blend of wrestling-style melodrama and subtle well-timed humour that makes that sort of interview golden. From the initial body language of upset ex-champions, to Dan's cocky "we're coming back in September" assumption, to the classic Dave Siegel hunched-shoulder response, it was just fabulous. I particularly liked Dan's little one-word responses ("Yeah?", "What?") and the classic line that says so much, "Dave, you didn't clear this with me." The wordless pause before pushing Dave off-screen was perfect and added a great bit of drama to that moment. Dave's incredulous "I'm moving to New York City", delivered as if he thought Dan knew all along was fabulous, and the "two weeks is enough notice" bit was perfect, both an accurate statement in the context of the argument, and hilarious on its own stance. And of course, "Ai! My tucchus!" is genius. And all capped off with the arrogant "I bring the funny, Dave brings the fat" line. Thanks, guys: you really have a feel for what I love out of CageMatch.

Anyway, it may sound like I'm overanalyzing the whole thing, but I just wanted to try and express how much I enjoyed such a small moment out of both of your lives. I appreciate you. I also appreciate the dedication you've shown to come out each and every week to do the show; you really made CageMatch great with your showmanship, comedic ability, and willingness to play along with the weird rasslin' framework that I love so much. Thank you.

I really would love it if both of you could come to the show next week. I'd like to thank you guys on stage and acknowledge your title reign.



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Wade said...

Siegel-Prov "rox0rs" my "sox0rs". It was an honor to get my ass handed to me by them in the Cage.