Sunday, September 07, 2008


PS: Just in case anybody reads the previous post and thinks I may be sitting around my darkened apartment alone and depressed, thinking of doing myself a mischief, I'm not. I'm sitting here taking pictures of things to sell on ebay, drinking lemonade, listening to Superchick and the Smokey and the Bandit soundtrack, and mentally preparing to teach a session at the theater on how to voice ComedySportz.

No, everything is not rosy in my life, no I'm not particularly enthused about anything these days, but also no I'm not moping or depressed, and no I'm not looking on Google maps for the nearest high cliff face. I am a bit interested in some music I'm composing, looking forward to clearing out my back room and making a studio, and I posted a funny mp3 earlier today. So there.

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