Monday, September 01, 2008

CageMatch 8/30/08

Big show, big competition, it was one of the best CageMatches of all time. Both Elaine and Banana Breakup blew away a sellout crowd with amazing performances, and at the end, Elaine emerged as seven time CageMatch champions. And here's the video.

I was pleased with the way this one turned out. Lots of music editing that worked. Pretapes done well in advance. Greenscreening that looked to be a nightmare but fell together rather nicely. I liked the way the BB silhouette logo had the red fade out and then the black zoomed out to infinity to reveal Kit looking very confident against the brick wall. Eitan leaping in was funny. The pan along the ladies in boots went over real well, and althought the hair-swishing part didn't work exactly like I planned, I think it came off even better since I had to overlap and rush them.

The music playing over the bit where the girls come in and do the "they tried to keep us down" bit was the opening rhythm of "Hey Ladies" by Destiny's Child. I was pleased that I managed to loop it nicely. I *loved* the way the girls' bit turned out. I had them each come back into the the cluttered but green-walled back room of the theater, and just repeat each line as I read it. Everybody had a different delivery, so it worked out really nicely to bounce between them. I particularly liked Becky's bright enthusiasm, Katie's "yeah, we're cool" sly delivery, and Clare's saucy lolita confidence.

The end bit with the bananas was Becky's idea (the words were mine though). That got a big pop from the crowd. The part you see is a second take. In the first take, Colette's banana flew off when she pulled it from behind her back, and while everybody else was looking tough, she looked like a little child who dropped her ice cream. Hilarious. Look for that on the blooper dvd at Christmas. Finally, the end music worked really well--it was "Not Done Yet" by Superchick, and the lyrics were quite apropos.

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