Sunday, September 14, 2008

DUAL DUEL videos

Hey, my last blog post was my 666th, and I missed the opportunity to be Satanic. Damn.

So this weekend I produced two more shows at the theater and cranked out two more videos. It was the annual DUAL DUEL tournament that we have during our charity marathon. I didn't get the names of the participants as early as I did last year, so this year's offerings were a bit rushed.

The videos are here and here.

No big technical tricks to reveal this time around. These are pretty formulaic. Kit FitzSimons was kind enough to help me design a bunch of the identity screens. My favourite of his was Dem Nillas. Of mine, I was quite proud of the crisp simplicity of Chinese Scientist, but Honkey Kong seemed to be the most popular, due obviously to the contributions of Alyssa Mander and Kyle Chorpening.

All the identity screens for the teams are in the usual place.

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