Sunday, September 07, 2008

Chapped Jesus

Hey folks.

So a while back, when I was rich, I bought a nice car stereo from Crutchfield, one that let me connect my iPod directly to the car speakers. It was pretty sweet, just sit down, jack in, and boom, I'm listening to my own music AND charging my iPod. Well, these 115 degree North Carolina days have taken their toll on my system, and it's fucked. So I've had nothing to listen to for a while.

The other day I decided to turn on the radio--I must've been desperate, 'cause I can't stand radio djs of any genre. So I'm flipping through the channels, and come across a station where I hear the word "Jesus"--whups! Time to keep going! But something about the guy's voice made me come back. He was rambling on and on about the same sorta thing these guys always do, but there was something about the way he would get out a sentence and then quickly quote the chapter and verse he was referencing, rushing it almost under his breath. I was fascinated and listened all the way into work.

I wrote down the website they referenced, and yes indeedy, they had mp3s of the speech or preach or whatever you call it, available for download as long as you registered. One fake name and dummy GMail account later, and I had 'em. I plan on cutting them up and making some musical mashup out of them for an album I plan on coming out with later (more on that upon request from my legion of fans, if indeed you're out there.) In the meantime, I did a quick edit and just took a section of this guy's rave-on and cut out everything except the breathy chapter and verse. Listen to it here.

Now please somebody fix my stereo.

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