Wednesday, May 09, 2007

It's A Longshot

My friends who are fans of filmmaking will enjoy this one. Just discovered a new blog called Daily Film Dose, through a link to this entry on "the long take". Fascinating analysis of several films that have used a dramatic, long, continuous take in their films to establish mood and atmosphere. Lots of good information and links to clips; also plenty of good material in the long comments section.

I'll definitely be adding Daily Film Dose to my list o' feeds.

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Remi said...

I really really enjoyed the long shots in Children of Men and The Player is one of my favorite movies ever, so it was cool to see them included. I have a soft spot for Touch of Evil (despite Charleton Heston as a Mexican), and that long shot at the border crossing is one reason. Interesting stuff! This has been added to my trawl list.