Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Indie Filmmaking On The Cheap

I'm blogging about this article so I can remember to read it later when I have more time. It's on indie filmmaking, and it looks intriguing. Keep clicking the "next" link at the bottom of each article, or go to various sections via the table of contents sidebar. (Oh, and view it with Firefox and Adblocker, or it'll drive ya nutz.)

At the very least, the checklist that's part of the article led me to Apple's Shake, which I may buy instead of the Adobe's After Effects. (Shake is $499, After Effects is $999, although there's not much point in getting AE alone when you can get the new CS3 Master Suite for $2499, which gives you a wealth of media creation software.) Oh, but that AE "puppet tool"...mmmm. Which one to buy?!?

Oh, and I'm told I need to watch "El Mariachi". Anybody have that on dvd I could borrow?

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Kit said...

I own "El Mariachi" and both the sequels. Let's watch it some time (since otherwise you might not watch it).