Friday, May 25, 2007

CageMatch 5-24-07

Elaine logo
Originally uploaded by TedHobgood
This week's CageMatch featured two videos, one for the intro to the show, and the second as a promo for a new character we're introducing to the show.

The concept for the intro was to be pro-female (since the challengers were an all-female team) basically taking the fairytale image of women as subservient and helpless, and trying to hype up the ability of women to be just as skilled as men. Nothing too fancy here graphic-wise; just a lot of stills shown in different ways.

The most amusing thing is that it's actually hard to find fairytale pictures of damsels in distress. Searching on Google images for relevant terms brings up a lot of fantasy/scifi paintings of strong, assertive women kicking ass (and searching for "knight in shining armor" brings up a remarkable amount of man-on-man porn).

The Elaine logo is made with old 1940s/50s Frederick's Of Hollywood ads. Those things were always so sleazy; I loved 'em.


Corey Brown said...

Hey Ted,

Is there anyway you could put like
Team Elaine
Player X
Player Y
Player Z

Team mother Goose

at the end in the credits or something? I'd like to know who is playing who. Just my suggestion.

Ted said...

I probably won't do credits in the video, because I want to get it up fast and usually don't have any time for extra editing. I've been thinking on making a CageMatch history website on, and would love to list the team members there, along with other details and statistics and history and whatnot. I might try and look into that for this upcoming long weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!