Thursday, April 27, 2006

PCQOTD : 4-27-06

Two Erudites, no waiting. Each with their own Connection to the Plebe.

"Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into."

Erudite 1:
"We finally got a piece of the pie."

Erudite 2:
"Like a complete set of Shakespeare that you get in the corner drugstore for a dollar ninety-eight, we're Morocco bound."


Andi said...

E2 is from the Jeffersons!

Ben Moser said...

P is Laurel and Hardy!

Ted said...

E1 is from...!

Heyyyy...I almost got caught up in identification fever!

Corey Brown said...

Im going to say P is from Star Wars, when Han says it to Chewy.

So the connection with E2 will be George Jefferson/George Lucas!

Yeah I said it.

Ted said...

Hmmm. No, Andi and Ben are right on their identifications. I think there was some sort of Laurel/Hardyesque exchange in an early Star Wars, but I thought it was between C3-PO and R2-D2.

Strangely enough, though...your Connection is along the right lines.

Ethan said...

E2 is from The Hope/Crosby film "Road to Morocco"

P: Laurel & Hardy = Sons of the Desert
E2: Hope & Crosby = Road to Morocco

Two desert buddy comedies.

Ethan said...

my mistake, E1 is from Road to Morocco.

Corey Brown said...

I am giving myself a gold star though, and claiming victory over this day.

Andi said...

I get a gold star too! I'm "movin' on up!"

Ted said...

Gold stars for all!

You had it right the first time, Ethan; E2 is one of my favourite lines from "Road To Morocco". E1 is the Jeffersons (Andi got that right, but just mixed up the number of the Erudite.)

Both "Sons of the Desert" and "Road To Morocco" are indeed both desert-related buddy comedies, but there's a more interesting and specific Connection here that's not movie-specific. What do Laurel & Hardy and Hope & Crosby have in common?

Anyone for the Jeffersons/L&H Connection?

Corey Brown said...

I do.


Ted said...

Corey is correct. Enigmatic, but very correct.

Ben Birken said...

I was going to say ampersands until The Jeffersons part. Now I'm stuck back in Stupidland again.

Ted said...

It's the next day, and here are the answers:

Corey's Connection of "Jefferson" refers to Stan Laurel's birth name of Arthur Stanley Jefferson, and, of course, George and Weezie Jefferson.

The Connection between "Road To Morocco" and "Sons of the Desert" lies in the stars of each film: Laurel & Hardy and Hope & Crosby. Both movies featured a pair of stars, one of whom was born in America (Hardy, Crosby) and one born in England (Laurel, Hope).

Ben Birken said...

Sooooo....what you're saying is I was right with ampersands? Sweet.

Ted said...

We'll give you one of those green metallic self-adhesive stars for the ampersands.