Thursday, May 22, 2008

Open Letter To My Mysterious Benefactor

I've been meaning to do this for a long time--I think more than a year now--and keep getting distracted. But now I'm wired on stimulants and working through the night to finish a video, and decided I better go ahead and do this and quit putting it off!

Sometime last year (year before, maybe?) I mentioned somewhere (no idea where; thought it was here on the blog, but damned if I can find the post now) that if somebody wanted to be a nice person and buy me a present, they could get me "Autumn Thunder", the boxed set of cds featuring music from NFL Films. I love that music; uber-dramatic and ovr the top and everything I adore. I already owned "The Power And The Glory", but that's a single disc. This set had TEN CDS full of music.

Anyway, I mentioned it as sort of a joke. Who the hell would buy me a $100 boxed set of music? Well, somebody did. It arrived anonymously in the mail one day. I tried my best to figure out who had got it for me, but all my choices for kindness candidates denied it was them.

So now, far too long after somebody was amazingly thoughtful and giving, I take this time to thank you. You've made me both curious and happy, and have inspired lots of creative moments and CageMatch video drama. Many thanks.

-Your pal,

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muzikbrain said...

Lovin' your site. Is it possible for you to post these 7 mp3s from your Autumn Thunder collections?

All from disc 2, I believe=

1) Let`s Go Big `o`

2) The Over the Hill Gang (Sam Spence) 2:44 *** disc 2

4) Game Plan for Sudden Death (Sam Spence) 2:42

5) Rainbows in the End Zone (Sam Spence) 2:50

6) Big Game America (Sam Spence)

7) Whirlwinds to the End Zone (Sam Spence)

I would- like you were towards your Benefactor- be so grateful.

These NFL Films gems take me back to the Glory days of the Steelers, Dolphins, Vikings & Cowboys of yore!