Monday, May 12, 2008

From Government To Creativity

So I just sent out this mass email to the folks I like at work:
Pardon the impartiality of a mass email, but I wanted to make sure my nearest and dearest got the news all at once. Soon, I will be a free man. Yes, after six years with the Town of Chapel Hill, I’m a-movin’ on. My friend Mel has asked me to come work as a graphic artist in her t-shirt store, and it looks like it will be a fun and creative opportunity for me. Yippee and hallelujah, I say. I’ll be working on a Macintosh (and escaping my desk here before they install Vista on machine—don’t you dare try it, Cantrell!), able to listen to music while I work, be creative all day, AND helping out a friend. All for more money (and less insurance). Plus, I’ll never have to hear another phone call about how we’re all heathens for sponsoring Halloween, or explain to people that no, you can’t vote at Town Hall. I’ll be working at Bread & Butter Screenprinting in Glen Lennox, so I’ll still be around (and don’t you dare get your shirts printed anywhere else!)
So yes, I'm finally quitting my job at the Town of Chapel Hill. The job was never that great, but once Cal Horton retired from his post as Town Manager, the atmosphere of the place just died away and it just wasn't fun to come to work anymore. The duties I had been doing all along, like making coffee and filling up the copier, became really demeaning for someone who has a Master's degree. There was a tension in the air as everybody seemed to start grabbing for power and didn't want to work smoothly together anymore, and the whole atmosphere in the building just became oppressive. They kept tempting me with carrots of new positions and higher salaries that never materialized, and I had been wanting to move on for some time.

I'm not good at searching for new jobs, so I was just sort of languishing at Town Hall. But fortunately for me, my friend Mel suddenly had an opening for a graphic artist position at her screenprinting store, and we talked about the possibility of me coming in to fill the spot. I told her I'd have to think about it, but after telling a few folks about the situation, I felt such an amazing load lift from my shoulders that I thought, "ah, apparently the decision has been made, and I never noticed!" It'll be a much more fun place to work, more creative, and I'll be helping out my friend, which always makes me feel good. I like helping people.

Anyway, my last day at the Town Of Chapel Hill is May 29. (A Thursday? Well, that's what they asked of me...) Then on to better things.

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