Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My New Favourite Wrestler

Professional wrestling has a new superstar, and she's an eight-year-old Japanese girl named President Ramu.

I'm not sure of her whole story, but can tell you that she's with a promotion called 666 out of Japan, a group associated with DDT (Dramatic Dream Team, which is probably the most wackily entertaining wrestling around today.) Ramu, who is cute as the dickens, is also possessed by a demon, which is what gives her her supernatural strength and combat ability. She's pretty much unbeatable as far as I can tell, and is positively adorable. She's the master of the Shining Wizard and the 619, and the Undertaker WISHES he could deliver such a devastating chokeslam.

Check her out here and here, and in this great match. Here's a translated copy of her Japanese Wikipedia entry, and here's her blog, also translated. (Which indicates that her name should probably be "Lamb", although I like the sound of "Ramu" better.)

Oh, and if somebody can get me an Iron Maiden 666 Ramu t-shirt (as pictured above) I will love you forever. Ramu rules!


Ted said...

Here's her Japanese Wikipedia page. It lists her hometown as "Devildom city" and her stats as "Height: Small, Weight: Minor" and her birthday as "Bees psychic death 14 years".


Ted said...

Ah, she has a blog too. Sweet.

H. Wade said...

Hopefully she's not posessed by the "KISS Demon", though I'm sure Dale Torborg could use the work.

Corey Brown said...

omg her 619s are hilarious.

Ben said...
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Ben said...

You haven't by any chance forwarded this to Grogg, have you?