Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I Want To Win

Hey, anybody feel like trying to help me win free software? There's this free Mac email newsletter I've been subscribing to for YEARS, and occasionally they do giveaways. For the first time in a long time, they're actually offering up some software I'd like to have. The cool thing is, if you enter the contest, and YOU win, then I win too! Just use this link to do it.

Don't worry about these folks; they're good people, they don't pass your email addy around, and the newsletter is well worth subscribing to if you're into Apple. (They won't even automatically subscribe you--you have to say "yeah, I wanna do that.") So even if you don't use a Mac, help me win!

Oh yeah, the software is Freeverse's Sound Studio, a nice little audio editing program that would help me with my video work. So help a brutha out.

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In regards to art... whatever strikes your fancy. =) I'm just asking people to make whatever they enjoy making and I will put it up (within reason. I'm not all about these people that make sculptures of Jesus out of weird things). Thanks Ted!