Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rappin' Disaster

Okay, this is probably the most embarrassing thing I've done since...well, the LAST time I recorded a rap. And that was a loooong time ago, when my friend Tim and I wrote a rap about "Fratty Baggers", the fratboys who would hide their beer in paper bags like winos---not because they didn't want you to know they were drinking, but they didn't want you to know they were drinking cheap beer. (Bad for their rich image, I guess.)

Anyhoo, this little ditty was born out of a email that one Jeff Scronce sent around to me and a coupla pals. Jeff linked us to this site, featuring a guy rapping about the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It was amazingly stupid and funny. Ethan Kaye then responded by saying
Sounds like that old-school 80's hip-hop. "My name is XXXXX
and I'd like to say..."
Well, for some reason I found that inspiring, so in the next fifteen minutes or so I wrote the following lyrics:
My name is *FEMA*, and I'd like to say,
I can rap about disasters in a *MILLION* ways!
Hurricanes, tornados, and a big ol' flood,
Fema gonna be there in yo' neighborhood!
Dolin' out cash for b-boys and b-girls
Helpin' y'all while the turntable twirls

The F is for "Fresh", 'cause we're cool like dat,
The E is for "Excitin'", 'cause we're the hot cats,
The M is for "Da Most", most from coast to coast,
And the A is for "Awesome" like butter on toast!

Wave your hands in the air, 'cause you know we really care!
Whoop-whoop! Whoop-whoop!
The roof! The roof! The roof has been repaired!
Whoop-whoop! Whoop-whoop!
Problem is, when I got home, I was still thinking about the stupid thing. Aaaaaaand I ended up recording it.

And here it is! The cool thing about is you can either download it or play it right in the browser! (You can also get the file here.)


Jackson Hall said...

That is something else. If I had come over for movie night that never would have happened. Good job.

Jeffrey said...

The best part is that your rap is 12 times better than the official one, and the production values are fantastic.

Ted said...

Aw, it's just a few tracks from the GarageBand collection, but thanks!

Lisa said...
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l.l. said...

yeah, but you know it's still kickin'

if wine were water, of course i'd have a spigot.