Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Facts About Goldfinger

I recently purchased the James Bond film "Goldfinger". That got me to thinking about the character who has lent his name to the title of the movie, namely one Auric Goldfinger (pictured here). I thought it might be nice to make a concise list of Mr. Goldfinger's distinguishing characteristics, as spelled out in the film's theme song.


  • He's "The Man"
  • Possesses "The Midas Touch"
  • Also possesses "A Spider's Touch"
  • Has a cold finger
  • Possesses "Web of Sin"
  • Can speak "Golden Words"
  • Known to utter lies
  • Can deliver "Kiss of Death"
  • Has heart of gold
  • Heart is also cold
  • Loves only gold
  • Only gold
  • No, seriously, he loves gold

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Kit said...

Trooooy Sterliiiiiing...