Friday, November 30, 2007

CageMatch 11-29-07

This week's CageMatch video is done in the style of a spy movie commercial, as if it were the sequel to Espionage A Trois' first blockbuster movie. Here it is.

This one took a lot of planning. It started with the name of the fictional movie, "Silence Is Golden", which resulted in the poster design. Then I found a Garbage song entitled "Silence Is Golden", which was perfect, since Garbage has done a James Bond movie song before. That inspired the whole feel of the video.

I decided to do the voice differently, based on an old radio promo for "Live And Let Die". I wrote the script last week, and recited it for days before I actually recorded it. We did a pretape for the Secret Agent Headquarters segment two weeks ago, and I got a little time with Zach on Tuesday at lunch to tape his segments. Had to go out and buy Goldfinger and Man With The Golden Gun on dvd for the weapons segment. Took some pix of my sister on Thanksgiving for the "shh" silhouettes seen above. Tommy's jacket was the wrong colour (a light tan instead of black) so I recoloured that in Photoshop.

I was particularly happy with the introduction sequence for each character in Espionage A Trois. Those pretty much turned out exactly how they appeared in my head. Great pictures taken by Jeff Scronch.

Some framegrabs are here.

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