Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Fave iPad Apps, Part Two - GAMES

Okay, in this second part, I'll list off some of my favourite apps from the other pages of my iPad. No screenshots this time, as a lot of the apps are just sitting there waiting to be evaluated, or are only for extremely occasional use. I'll just hit the highlights here and share some gems.

We'll do games in this post.

Games I like:
  • Corpse Craft - Edward Gorey meets matching game meets tower defense
  • Angry Birds et al - everyone knows this
  • Karate Champ - early coin-op in full 8-bit action mode!
  • Splode - simple, poetic. Pop little balls that then fly apart and pop other balls; set up a chain reaction to make your target.
  • Stick Golf HD - miniature golf, of a sort. One of my favourite pick-up-and-play games.
  • iTraceur - a homemade parkour game. Very, very cool idea.
  • Mirror's Edge - also parkour-y, Canabalt-y. Very nice.
  • Canabalt - The original endless running game, and surprisingly captivating.
  • Mega Worm - You are a giant worm, a la Tremors. Destroy, eat, and KILL. (See also Death Worm.)
  • Monster Dash - Endless running, but you have a gun. And are killing vampires, werewolves, etc. Mindless and a hoot.
  • Bowmaster HD - Archery simulator. Surprisingly satisfying, and free fro the first bit.
  • Lego Harry Potter - A nice port of the console game.
  • Atari's Greatest Hits - good if you like old-school 2600 or arcade gaming.
  • Boggle - I got it free. Not sure if it's always free. Great pick-up-and-put-down game. PRobably my most frequently played game nowadays.
  • 7Words - Sort of crosswordy, where you answer the clues with syllable tiles. Love this one. Many levels for free.
  • 100 Rogues - Have only played this once, but I think I played it for two hours. If you know the classic Rogue game of computer gaming history long past, you know what this is. Random dungeons, random monsters, random treasure, lots of mindless adventuring fun!
  • Soundrop - More of a toy than a game. Set up platforms to bounce balls around and make music. Soothing and addicting.
  • Peggle - Peggle is AWESOME.
 Games that are promising, but I haven't really tried:
  • Underworlds - Diablo-y?
  • PoP:WW - Prince of Persia
  • WWE Legends - WRESTLING!
  • S. Guardian - Sort of Underworld-y, I think?
  • #sworcery - The celebrated 8-bit adventure game, with spooky atmosphere and music. Very promising.
  • Spirits - I got this for free. Sort of an ethereal Lemmings.

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