Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Fave iPad Apps, Part Three - Miscellaneous

Highlights of other apps.

Nice apps:
  • GarageBand - I have no idea why they sell this so cheap. If you want to make music quickly and easily, get this.
  • ChopDJ, Flare, Baby Scratch, TapDJ - scratching apps
  • iBooks, Stanza, GoodReader, ARCreader - all good PDF and eBook readers. GoodReader has great annotation tools if you want to make notes in your textbooks or whatever.
  • DocsToGo - Sort of Microsoft Office for the iPad. There's a few apps like this out there, and I finally chose this one after much debate. Love the way it syncs up with Dropbox and Google Docs.
  • IA Writer - a clear, uncluttered word processor that has additional keys on the keyboard for punctuation and navigation, so you can write faster and spend less time switching keyboards and trying to move the cursor.
  • Pages - Apple's word processor and basic desktop publishing program. Great to have if you need to quickly lay out a poster or brochure or something. Nice interface. Worth it.
  • Nebulous - Still evaluating this, but it looks like IA Writer with Dropbox integration. Well that's cool! Gotta look at this more.
  • Index Card - an index-cards-on-corkboard program. Good for organizing ideas.
  • Corkulous - Much like Index Card.
  • [Adult Swim] - Watch selected episodes, get info.
  • AppStart - Guide to how to take advantage of your iPad. ALL NEW IPAD OWNERS SHOULD GET THIS.
  • SimpleMind+ - Good, free mind mapping app.
  • Idea Sketch - another mind mapper.
  • Life - the famed magazine has a great app. Amazing photos.
  • PBS  - Good app from Public Television; you can watch some shows here.
  • Lego Photo - try it!
  • SoapBox - Access app for comedian David Mitchell's video podcast bits.
  • Planetary - very cool-looking solar-system-based interface for playing back your mp3s. Not what I'd actually USE to play mp3s, but it's cool.
And that's it for now! Enjoy!

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