Sunday, January 04, 2009

Different Perspectives Project

Just after Christmas, Kit sent me an email that read thusly:
Since I know we all love wasting free time, I had an idea while looking at an art exhibit advertisement in South Carolina. The exhibit was somehow pairing the elderly with college kids to do some sort of photography thing (not sure what), and the exhibit was called "Different Perspectives, One Vision."

Oh, hells yeah, I said to myself.

The concept is this:
We pick a group of 4-8 related words, and we all spend the next week taking a photograph to fulfill each word. Then we each put our pictures together in a prearranged layout (for comparison purposes) and compare (post?) the results. I'd say the photos have to be taken by us THAT WEEK (i.e. not last spring). This will get us all looking around for awesome pictures as well as exercise our brains finding interesting ways to show the items.

THE FIRST CHALLENGE (we'll decide what to do with them next, but first, get this done by Sun Jan 4:
PlayStation Controller Buttons
1) Square
2) Triangle
3) Circle
4) X

Take four pictures (or take a lot and choose the best four), each depicting a different one of the four above buttons. Layout of the pictures is just like the side of the controller: in a diamond with square to the left, triangle on top, circle to the right, and X on the bottom.
So here we are on Sunday, Jan 4, and here is my submission.

Edit: Here are the submissions of Mr. FitzSimons and Mr. Scronce.

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