Sunday, January 25, 2009

CageMatch Report x2

I suddenly realized that I never blogged about the CageMatch from two weeks ago, so you get a twofer here.

Last time, we had Banana Breakup defending against 4DDI. The video is here. Check it out and return for discussion.

Didn't really have a genius idea for this one. Couldn't figure out what to do with a name like "Senior PGA", until I tripped over the "senior vs junior" idea, and then decided to fill space by showing the "experience" of the senior team, and their Photoshopped wins around the world. I did like ending it with the "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" song.

This week had Senior PGA against 4DDI. Watch it here.

Once again, a name that's hard to build a storyline around, so in the Flaneur tradition, I used the name itself as the focus, namely the question of what "4DDI" stood for. It's fairly well-known around the theater that the guys in 4DDI intended it to be "Four Douchebags Doing Improv", but that Zach rightly thought that it wasn't the type of name you could market or advertise, so they were verboten from using "Douchebags", officially changing it to "Dudes". So I spent the bulk of the video playing with that, dreaming up various ways to censor the forbidden word, the punchline being that John Reitz would go ahead and say it anyway (if out of context). The boys of 4DDI were kind enough to participate in the pretaping, with special props to Kyle Chorpening for getting naked for CageMatch...again.

Oh, and the "POJ" thing was just some unexplored sexual maneuver that cropped up in Senior PGA's previous show, and amused me intensely, so I threw it in there as a sort of obscure inside joke.

Stills, as usual, are here.

Join us next time.

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