Sunday, October 05, 2008

I Just Spent $77.00 On This Book

I've always been a big fan of Hoogerbrugge. His clean drawings, surrealistic style, and eyecatching animations has always been entertaining and inspiring. His sort of stuff is one of the many things I dream of doing but probably never will. But given the chance to read about it, and I'll drop the bucks. My ebay auctions have been going well lately, so it's not even like I'm spending real money--it all just gets sucked out of my Paypal account.

Hoogerbrugge just came out with a book of drawings, cartoons, and essays--there's even a chapter where he explains (Scott McCloud-style, through comics) how he made his animations, so maybe I will learn how to do it! There's also a dvd of animations included, which is a big bonus. Looking forward to getting my package from the Netherlands.

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Jackson Hall said...

That's cool. I wanna see it.