Friday, April 25, 2008

CageMatch Report

We CageMatched again last night. I was amused by my concept for this week's video. Go watch it first and then come back to discuss.

Did you watch it? Good.

The whole thing grew out of the name of the challengers, War On Hugs. That made me think of the classic Bugs Bunny line, "Of course you realize, this means war!" I decided to work up to that as a punchline. So I needed to have a reason for War On Hugs to declare war. I cogitated for a while, and somehow (?) decided it might be funny to have Flavor Shot supposedly planting fake news stories about the other team. That gave me the opportunity to mock up all those nutty headlines. In the final video, the timing is a bit off for comedic purposes. It was spot on when I read it, but I forgot to add in time for the establishing shot of the individual papers and the crossfades, so the final bits ended up a bit rushed.

Then I used some war footage from, a little simple animation, and came up with the War On Hugs identity sequence. That went over real well at performance time. It goes by too quick, but the background behind the pictures of Flavor Shot is made from a painstaking arrangement of bullets. (Zach thought it was butter.)

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