Friday, July 20, 2007

Tomb Raider Animated

I've always loved Tomb Raider. My type of game; lots of exploring, lots of puzzles, a little fighting that's not too difficult, all in all a nice mix. Now Turner Broadcasting has commissioned a series of animated shorts called "Re/Visited", where different people interpret the whole Lara Croft mythos. The first one is masterminded by Peter Cheung, the guy behind the groundbreaking Aeon Flux series. Pretty cool, eh? One feature I really love is how the opening for the show displays the pencil tests and animatics for the animation; very inspiring.

The videos are premiered on the Gametap site, but you can also view them on YouTube (and save them if you use something like the fabulous Video Downloader for Firefox. Then use iSquint, and you can watch them on your iPod or iPhone.)

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