Tuesday, July 31, 2007

CageMatch 7-26-07

So we had CageMatch last week. Normally, this report would've been up the next day, but six hours after CageMatch ended, I was on my way to New York City. (Post about that coming soon.)

The video came out nicely. It's here. The storyline was that a great team had returned, but they were going up against a team who were trying to reach the lofty goal of becoming five-time champions. I separated out the graphics for the Caligula logo so I could fade those in bit by bit for dramatic effect. Remi drew a cool alternate logo for Caligula that I really loved, so I used it in front of a creepy optical illusion video I nipped from YouTube. I bought the trophy picture off of iStockPhoto, and was rather happy with the way I lettered it. The music at the end is Drain Sth, whose lyrics I love so much, I extended the ending longer than I normally would.


Remi said...

My dad, a former video guy, really loved this week's video. He was really gushing about how much it added to the show, and how professional it was. So, yay Ted!

Ted said...

Well cool! Thank your dad for me! It's really rewarding to get feedback on what I do. Much appreciated.