Thursday, September 14, 2006

Under The Weather

Pardon the lack of anything on The Transmutation Effect lately. I've caught a cold or a virus or something, and have been laid up at home. It's back to the halcyon days of watching cartoons, drinking orange juice, and overdosing on generic store-brand Nyquil. The PCQOTD should return on Monday with any luck. In the meantime, I have to get myself together for DSI's 24LIVE comedy marathon this weekend. Won't you come out and see us? It's all for the kids, more specifically for the NC Children's Hospital. You can't beat a good charity function. I have three nicely-spaced shifts as Tech King, and will hopefull be all rested up and ready to go by Friday at 6. Keep your fingers crossed. See ya in the funny papers.

1 comment:

Tommy said...

Dear Ted,

That image made me laugh...a lot.

Those germs are exactly what I would imagine your germs too look like.

Only thing missing is trench-coats.

On that same note I'm willing to bet that the artist originally intended to have trench-coats on the germs, but after he drew them on....realized that the germs were no longer distinguishable as germs.

And now, a sickness Haiku that should make you get well soon:

Ted is very sick.
He has ickyness inside.
Outside icky too!