Thursday, July 20, 2006

PCQOTD : 7-20-06

"Neat. Sweet. Petite."

Erudites (All Erudites and Plebian share one Connection):
1. "Queens consume nectars and ambrosia, not hot dogs."
2. "Your Honor, according to witnesses, Miss Congeniality led the attack with a kick to the groin."
3. "When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way! from you first cigarette your last dyin' days."


Kit said...

P: Addams Family theme song
E1: Victor Buono, King Tut in Adam West Batman
E2: John Larroqutte, Dan Fielding in Night Court
E3: Russ Tamblyn, Riff in West Side Story

Connestion: John Astin.

He was Gomez Addams in the Addams Family, the Riddler in Adam West Batman, Buddy Ryan (Harry's crazy dad) in Night Court, and a social worker at the dance in West Side Story

Ted said...

Kudos, a gold star, and point to Mr. FitzSimons.

Kit said...


Ted said...

And better than ever, baby!