Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bottom Five Worst Wrestling Finishers Ever

Not sure what urged me to post this, but it just goes to show what weird things go through my mind as I walk down the hall at work. Kept thinking of #1 on the list, and started branching out. Anyway, these are the five that popped into my head. You may come up with a different list in your recollection. Enjoy.

#5....The Commando Sandwich. A brief internet search fails to provide any information on The Commandos, but as memory serves, Bad Bad Leroy Brown left the Zambuie Express, leaving Ray Candy without a partner. So they teamed him up with some longhaired fat redneck, and renamed them The Commandos. (none of this may be accurate) Basically, the move has one big fat guy hold the opponent up, and another big fat guy runs into him. Brilliant! (I coulda sworn it was a finisher, but in the linked clip, it's just a penultimate setup move.)

#4....The Ultimate Warrior's Warrior Splash. Less said about this the better. A charismatic but low-talent wrestler, with not that much body weight, doing a no-impact splash...which he frequently did to the BACK.

#3....Kona Crush. Can't find a clip of it. Probably for the best. He'd put his hands on either side of a guy's head and push.

#2....The Earthquake Splash. I love John Tenta...talented guy, great history. Got stuck with some dumb gimmicks. And this move has no impact. (But has a great pre-move war dance!)

and #1....

...Tully Blanchard's Slingshot Suplex. Even when I was a kid I thought, "doesn't dropping him on the ropes add nothing to the impact?" Wouldn't believe it, no matter how many times David Crockett told me Tully was getting extra "spring" off the ropes. (That didn't stop me from trying to talk Shannon Moore into doing a similar move back in the Omega days...) Not sure why I was thinking about it today, but that's how my idle mind works.

Anybody want to see a Top Five BEST Wrestling Finishers Ever?

PS: Yes, I know, #1 should really be the Legdrop of Doom. My bad. (Great themesong though...BROTHER!!!)

PPS: Not a finisher, but golly wonkers, the Garvin Stomp annoyed me.

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Marlee said...

Ahaha this post is awesome! I love your randomness!!