Sunday, July 27, 2008

CageMatch 7/26/08

Yayyyyyy...blogging drunk, there's nuthin' like it!

CageMatch has happened again--it couldn't be prevented! We had the Banana Breakup boys, excellent as always, making us both laugh and gasp, taking on Robots Are Human Too, hilarity incarnate involving people dressed in cardboard and styrofoam. The video is right here, go check it out, and then I'll start rambling. HEY! Be a peach and click the link in the video to watch it in High Quality, won't you? This video is particularly artifacted for some reason.

Quick question: why does spellcheck not recognize "styrofoam"? For that matter, it doesn't recognize "spellcheck". Bastards.

Ah, upon further review, it looks like styrofoam (I ain't changin' the spelling, boys!) is a trademark. Bastards.

Okay, let's start with the Robots identity screen, since it is pictured above. I need more cider. The picture was drawn by yours truly whilst hangin' out iwht my good buddy Jackson on Friday night. The robot in the pic is based on one my mom owned s a wee lass, and I now am proud to have in my possession. Crayola crayons, activate!

Okay, quick break: I'm watching Mock The Week's new season, and Frankie Boyle continues to be amazing. Best Scottish standup EVER. (Sorry, Loftin.) Here's what he just said: "George Bush says that when he retires, he's going to make his living from speaking. Yeah, play to your strengths, eh George? That's like Abu Hamza having a career doing shadow puppets."

Okay, back to me. The video! It seemed to go over well. We had a fun time shooting all the Banana Breakup stuff out in to 100 degree heat at McDougle. The music in the background. believe it or not, is Madonna. I had a bit of a giggle doing the forward-and-reverse stuff. I was pleased that the end of that segment turned out well, with Eitan leaping off the table and then Kit flying off the swing, and the two of them supposedly landing in the shot. Then the robot attack! That turned out great. Mary Sasson looks evil smacking the water tower out of the way. This whole segment was hard, as there are like ten or eleven special effects going on in there, so it wouldn't render in Final Cut, and I had to play around a lot to get the sound effects to match up. I was quite proud of the sparks on the broken water tower legs. Thank you, Apple Motion! All the rays and lasers and whatnot were fun to place. The sound effects of the blast include no less than the laugh of one Eitan Lees. And we finish up with the dulcet tones of Tatu and "Robot".

And this week I got the idea for a new project I may be doing soon with the energetic Banana Breakup fellows. Stay tuned to see what Ted, Kit, and Eitan will be up to!

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