Sunday, March 23, 2008

Back To Basics

Went to the theater last night to see the premiere of a new show, "Al Pacino's Pictionary". Fabulous concept, featuring a couple at home inviting their cousin Al Pacino and an unsuspecting audience volunteer to their home to play Pictionary. Greg Brainos was hilarious as always as the overbearing Al Pacino, and the whole setup was just natural comedy. The gimmick of the husband and wife always getting the right answer in the first stroke of the pen was hilarious as well. And any time you get to see Zach Ward in a pencil-thin moustache: golden.

Afterwards, Brainos, Remi, and Eitan and I got some delish tacos from the taco truck and chatted on our own before heading off to join the rest of the DSI posse at Speakeasy. Probably should've just taken up Remi on his suggestion to hang out with him. The gang was playing foosball, and switching off teams and whatnot. It was fun to watch them, but then some bar guy we didn't know ended up on a team with Zach, and Remi and I got drafted to be the opposition. I'm not much on competitive games (I can't even handle faux-competitive warmup games) and this bar guy was crazy competitive. I was on goal, and you could see how pissed off and testosterone-soaked this guy was every time he whacked one past me over and over and over again with little ability on my part to defend. The whole affair brought me right back to elementary school when James Bigby laughed and nailed me with a kickball during PE after I made a pitiful kick that trundled up to his feet. Anyway, that was clearly the end of the night for me. Probably should've said goodbye to people, but then there would've been that lovely social awkwardness where you have to explain why you're leaving and people encourage you to stay and all that. Never good with that social stuff. And there was too much cigarette smoke.

I really wish that little kid in elementary school had toughened up or something.


Remi said...

Hey Ted,
The night was pretty much over at that point, not long after you left it all wrapped up and we went home. No harm, no foul.

Foosball is hard.

Zach Ward said...

That guy forced me to play with him after sharking the table. I love Ted Hobgood and would prefer to hang out at my spot and have you whip me in Scattergories.

Zach Ward said...

we posted at the same time. n3rds.

Jeff said...

Let's beat the shit out of James Bigby.

tommyb said...


I whole-heartedly agree with you that the SpeakEasy is filled way too much cigarette smoke.

I'd hang out more often if we went places that didn't allow you to smoke.

People that smoke are tards.