Friday, October 26, 2007

CageMatch 10-25-07

Another CageMatch, another dollar. Not my dollar, but a dollar nonetheless! Here's the video; watch it, and then come back for info.

Okay, so I went with a Halloween theme, since this will be the closest show we do to the holiday without going over. (Please have your pet spayed or neutered.) Most of it is stock footage from the Animation Factory, but I thought I used it fairly cleverly. I composited the first bit out of a still from AF, the DSI logo, and an animation from AF. The funny thing is, the animation had a moon in it, and I needed to line it up in the sky with the DSI logo. But that made the animation off-center, so if you watch it closely, the bats actually fly off the right side and disappear behind an invisible curtain. I didn't think it was too obvious, so I left it in.

The second song is one of my favourite Kiss numbers, "I Love It Loud". I extended the first drum bit so I could talk over it, then timed the speech so it went right into the lyrics. I thought it was amusing that I say "It's Halloween, and the possibilities are *frightening*" and then Gene Simmons starts off the song with "Stand up, you don't have to be *afraid*". It all makes sense in subtle ways.

The Gladiator identity is just a screen from a video game, together with a lightning background I dropped in, and a text logo I made with some pattern overlays and a distortion filter. You can see it better here.

How cool does PT look as The Emperor?

Can you identify the beginning bit and the link therein?

Shots from the show itself are here.

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