Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hey, I'm Famous

Looks like the OMEGA documentary I participated in is finally becoming a reality. I'm actually even in the teaser video! More videos are here, and you can preorder the dvd set here. I haven't seen it yet (dammit, where are my free copies!?) but it looks to be pretty damn cool. I filmed all the intros for the various segments as Scott Sullivan, and then did a sitdown interview as Ted Hobgood, done in the center of the empty Southern Pines National Guard Armory, where OMEGA was born.

For those of you who don't know about OMEGA, it's the pro wrestling promotion that I used to work for as announcer, commentator, graphic designer, costumer, etc, etc. It was created by Matt Hardy and Tracy Caddell in the early 1990s as the East Coast Wrestling Federation, which then became the New Frontier Wrestling Alliance (a name I was proud to have come up with!) and finally OMEGA. This small wrestling group from rural North Carolina put on some of the best shows in the country, and our tapes were traded all over the world. People came all the way from New Jersey to see our shows. We produced more homegrown wrestling superstars to make the bigtime than any other independent wrestling organization in America. I never made it big, but I'd like to think I had a small part (albeit a very small part) in helping the guys realize their dream.

I'm really looking forward to checking this documentary out.


Kit said...

I was bragging about knowing you to the people at D.Dish Theater. You are totally getting name-dropped all over town.

"Oh! And Ted just was on the receiving end of The Insufferable Wit's Double Rolling Name-Drop!"
"That HAD to hurt!"

Rasalom said...

What's with the Sandhills being a wrestling mecca? Did McMahon's Pinehurst provenace manifest a kind of regional nepotism in the Hardys' elevation to the WWF?

Larry said...

Hey, that is cool. Congratulations! I recommend that Scott Sullivan rent out the DSI Theater for a DVD viewing party and invite all the stars of OMEGA. A few internet postings and you could fill the joint at $10-15 a pop. Maybe even $20 depending on the stars you can secure. We'll party like it's 1996!